Monday, August 27, 2012

SEC vs. the li'l ten...

My favorite time of the year, college football season, starts this week and I have a question for my Big Ten-loving friends. The marquee matchup of the weekend is taking place Saturday night at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas and features #2 Alabama vs. #8 Michigan. Alabama, the defending BCS National Champion, lost seven (count 'em), SEVEN starters from their defense to the NFL. But the bigger question may be Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson's throwing ability, or lack thereof. Whatever the storylines leading up to this clash of the SEC and Big Ten Titans, it should be a very entertaining game to start the college football season.

Which brings me to my question, especially for my Ohio State Buckeye-loving pals:  Who are you rooting for in this matchup?  Are you able to put aside you hatred of "That Team Up North," and root for your conference to gain some dignity against the mighty SEC? Or is your contempt so strong that you will root for another SEC team to humiliate another team from the (as I choose to call it) li'l ten?

We have all seen the SEC destroy the li'l ten in past Bowl seasons, so why would we think an opening game would be any different? Now I realize than many readers will bring up Michigan
State's victory over my beloved Georgia Bulldogs last Bowl season, and I acknowledge that loss. I will only say that it only took MSU three overtimes and two botched kicks by Georgia's All-Amerian kicker Blair Walsh to do it, so I consider that a gift victory. A gift that I don't expect Georgia or any other SEC team to give again. And the only other victory of a li'l ten team against the SEC came in the Sugar Bowl a couple of years ago when Ohio State managed to beat Arkansas while using five (5) ineligible players, including QB Terrell Pryor, who is now backing up former Cincinnati Bengal Carson Palmer in Oakland, after having been taken by the Raiders in the NFL Supplemental Draft. That came after Pryor was banned from having contact with OSU for five years. Buckeye fans must be so proud...

So my question remains, OSU fans: Alabama or Michigan? Whom do you hate more, and why? My money's on Bama. And that's the view from the cheap seats.

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